Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sick baby :(

Well, just when Jackie and I thought Gavin was on the mend he took a turn for the worse yesterday evening. He coughed and coughed, and at one point, we thought he spit up blood. Now not being so sleep deprived I think it may have been ibuprofen we gave him yesterday evening. Jackie and I are crossing our fingers that we'll get some firm treatment plans from our pediatrician today. We went last week Monday and were told that it was a cough, but we've come to find that a child at our daycare was diagnosed with croup! Note that I tried to read about croup from the American Academy of Pediatrics website but found that you have to pay over $200 to access their materials. So, I looked at WebMD instead and found some helpful information.

So, keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that we have a diagnosis and a treatment plan to get our little boy feeling better.

Here's a video of Gavin earlier today rolling around the basement in a fort in his playroom. Makes me want to built a fort and camp out in our living room!

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