Saturday, February 27, 2010

How I Work

I was recently out at dinner with a co-worker and some colleagues when the co-worker said semi-jokingly about me "He's so tech savvy. He's got his iPhone, two monitors, and keeps up with Facebook and Twitter. It must be a generational thing."

I'm happy to share that I use technology to my advantage and multitask like you wouldn't believe. You'll see me reading PC Magazine or Mac World looking for a few additional tips and tricks to improve my efficiency. My love of, and ease of use with technology, may be a generational characteristic, but should I really be called out as a token Gen Y'er just because I have a smart phone and engage in social media? I don't mind being praised for being productive and effective, but I'm not fond of others in my generation that will be held to the same, or higher, standard that don't embrace technology like I do. Take my wife for example; she is just fine using Internet Explorer instead of FireFox or Google Chrome, using one monitor for our home computer instead of two, and would rather talk on the phone than video chat with me while I'm traveling.

In short, don't lump generation y into a category just because we are more facile with technology. Allow us to work with you and share our love of efficiency and technology with you. Who knows, you might see some instant rewards.

'til next time ~ Tom

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